Two-nave production hall

Our company headquarters along with the factory is located in the north-eastern Poland, in Bielsk Podlaski, city that could be regarded as the construction capital of podlaskie voivodship.

It was only half a year from the first shovel to bringing up the factory. At the beggining of our journey we employed only 10 people but one year later – more than 200. Presently the number of employees stabilised around 250 people. This number consists of production workers, assembling and finishing works teams working on construction sites, engineering manager team with many years of experience in the prefabrication industry and our own design office involved in the adaptation of projects to our technology.

The most advanced factory in Europe!

Modular Houses Factory built by Nordhus is the newest factory of houses made in modular technology in the world. And one of the biggest in Europe.

It is a compact building with an area of 1 ha, which includes factory hall, warehouses and offices. The production line is equipped with machines from renowned German companies with the most modern software especially adapted to the technology used by Nordhus. Thanks to this factory can produce tens of thousands of square metres of living area per year, and thus Nordhus can supply up to 1,000 homes a year.

Prefabrication and ecology

To deliver the superb product to our clients we use future-oriented prefabrication system based on the ecological materials of timber frame. To take the construction process one step further, we do not “build” our projects – we “produce” them in our highly advanced factory, one of the biggest in Europe.

Production from A to Z

In our facility we produce turnkey finished, massive modules (each size of small apartment, even 45m2) equipped with all installations and even furniture. This system allows to speed-up the process due to parallel work in the factory and on site, avoid problems with weather conditions and ensure top-level accuracy and quality with computer-controlled production line .

That means complete change of thinking regarding the construction process.